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I'm so addicted to free stuff, reward sites, and ways to make money online these days, and seriously want to share it with others. To introduce me I'm Danyale am a 28yr old housewife to a wonderful man named Joe. I'm cherokee indian and white, and one day would love to adopt a kid because I have limited chance of having my own. My family like many others are strugling in this economy change matter of fact right now me and my husband and mom all live together so we can get by. I want to help others who are struggling as well... so if its a freebie, a reward site for gift cards or cash sites i will be posting them here. Also I do make graphics and banners so if your interested in buying them from me just email me with subject line i want a graphic please. Hope you enjoy my site. Also to follow my site click the RSS buttone below to keep updated thanks.

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I want to share with everyone a great way to advertise your site on my site as well whether it be referral links or your own site you want people to come to as long as it is not sexual or pornographic just I will host up to 10 text at a time... $5.00 for text... so go ahead and add your self below and get your site and name out there.